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Albergo Etico Rome

Albergo Etico is a story about talent... about everyone. About your... Each of us has a talent. Often we do not find it, it seems obvious or little thing ... instead there is, and it is important to look for it; and after finding it, it is important not to waste it and put it to good use. Albergo Etico also serves this: finding talents. No one excluded. Albergo Etico is a beautiful hotel in the center of Rome; it is the place where many young people, each with its own characteristics and regardless of their condition, approach the world of work and learn a trade. Guys who search, find and then put to use their talent, their skills.

Young people with disabilities who approach work need the latter to enhance any residual capacity by putting the person at the centre. «Disability is only in the eyes of the beholder», says the sage... and we Albergo Etico wisely say that everyone can find his "know-how" according to his abilities. A wheeled chair person, for example, can be an excellent receptionist; or on the contrary, for those with a relational intellectual disability, it can be useful to concentrate their skills in housekeeping. Enthusiasm doesn’t depend on your condition.

And after 8, 10 or even 12 months of practical and theoretical training you can go on your own, accompanied at the entrance of one of the many Hotels in Rome. This is the main objective of Albergo Etico that, in addition to wanting to be one of the leading places in the Roman hospitality industry, wants to contribute to the training and employment of people with disabilities; give everyone, for example, the possibility to write on Linkedin your CV rather than post on Facebook your new work experience. I mean, a life like any other... Even the professionals who work in the Albergo Etico are putting to good use their talent, which is not only "being a good receptionist" or "an excellent waiter", but also knowing how to teach a trade; knowing how to train their colleagues with disabilities; know how to build a team. Customers also put their talents to good use when, choosing us, encourage our business; they could choose to go to 1,000 different hotels... but by choosing us, they support our commitment by living a unique stay experience.

By staying at Albergo Etico, you exit the homologation. Many professionals, technicians and artisans have helped and help to build every day Albergo Etico; they support our project with their work, their enthusiasm and their desire to do more and more for an idea that is much more than just a hotel. Even customers, with their needs, their requests, their courtesy and doing "simply customers", help us grow. Whoever supports us, we can say that "he puts his talent to good use". We have a project, and we want everyone - whatever their condition - to benefit from it.

Albergo Etico is a "Low Profit reality", therefore it pursues not only the goal of profit but also and above all the creation of a positive impact within the social and environmental context in which it operates. We have chosen to put among our priority objectives, the improvement of the well-being of the environment in which we work, through activities suitable for creating a social welfare system capable of protecting and strengthening the position of disadvantaged people in the community. Download the "Annual social impact report" to learn more about the Ethical Project.

Download the annual social impact report